Creator and Visual Director:Erick Villeneuve

Erick Villeneuve is a leader in his work field. The excellence and the originality of his work is recognized in Canada as well as abroad. With more than twenty years of experience, he has created new and unique projection techniques, which gave him the possibility to change the utilization of scenic environment.

Composer and Music Director:MICHEL CUSSON

Composer, guitarist, and musician in every sense of the word, Michel Cusson is quite literally multitalented. The man behind the music has electrified jazz lovers, touched film goers, thrilled TV viewers and plunged spectators of live shows around the world into the heat of the moment. In November 2003, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television awarded Michel with one of its highest honours, a Prix des Immortels de la tele for his three-time award winning scores for the TV Omerta.

Lighting Designe:Alain Lortie

Alain Lortie has worked, as a Lighting Designer, with some of the greatests artists of our day such as Luc Plamondon in the musicals Starmania (1993) and Notre-Dame-de-Paris (1998). Lortie has also worked with the Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia and Peter Gabriel’s World Tour .His talent has taken him to Asia for productions such as ERA, Intersection of Time, a version of the musical Carmen in Taiepi and the musical entitled Butterflies, in Beijing, in 2007.

Choreographer:Emilie Therrien

Emilie Therrien’s story began 20 years ago with the Cirque du Soleil’s as a performer in the show Allegria. Therrien’s experiences in dance, coaching and in choreography, has allotted the storied artist to participate in a variety of diverse creations. Therrien’s work over the past 5 years has included the role of an Acrobatic Choreographer with Erick Villeneuve for ERA, Intersection of Time and AO la fantastique légende and many other shows including Delirium and Ovo.